Day 20 of the 31 Day Community Bootcamp

     Have you figured it out yet? I have been putting you on a schedule for the past 20 days. Every 5 days, you have invited either an individual or a family to do something. That may be a meal, an activity, a game night, or something completely different. 

     I discovered that for me, knowing about the benefits of a healthy community was not enough. I needed to take some action in order to reap those benefits. Every time that you invite people into your life, think of it as a long-term investment in your social health. 

     I’m no farmer. If anything I have a talent for killing things that are supposed to be green. I do, however, understand the principles of planting and harvesting. In fact, I think that those principles are so vital, that they are universal. Whether you realize it or not, you are constantly investing in your future. You will see a return on that investment, and if you have been following the Bootcamp every day, I would wager that you are beginning to see some changes in your life. 

      Maybe you have enjoyed watching the Bootcamp from the sidelines. You like the principles and the interesting thoughts that come with analyzing your personal community, but you have yet to take the plunge and start taking action on a daily basis. If this is you, I would encourage you to start again. You don’t have to start at the beginning of the month, you can start again today. I would hate for you to be a farmer who sits around the marketplace, talking about how bad the crops have been, unwilling to plant again for next season. 

     I would go as far as to say that this rhythm of scheduling individuals and families to meals and activities every five days has produced the greatest harvest of friendships in my life. I will certainly continue this pattern beyond the timeframe of the bootcamp. Knowing why it is important to keep pressing on for Kingdom honoring relationships helps me to stay motivated. It is time with people, however, that actually produces community. 

So go out there and make an invitation today!

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