Day 13 – Help Someone

It might be my pastoral nature, but this day is close to my heart. Today’s assignment is to find the person who is hurting the most in your church and take action. I am not concerned as much with what that action may be, because hurting people’s needs vary drastically depending on their particular hardships. The point is to do something to show that they have been seen and heard by someone in their church. I will admit that this kind of intentional compassion does not come naturally to me. I am not wired to ooze mercy like my wife. I think that God has placed her in my life in gracious irony. My capacity for being merciful grows with each year that I am married to her. It still doesn’t feel natural, but because of her example, I am learning what to do, what to say, and most importantly, what not to say. The only piece of overarching advice that I will give you is that the person who you will serve today will need two things. To be loved and to be known. These two desires are hardwired into every person on this planet. However, there is something about tragedy, sickness, hardship, and isolation that forces these two basic human needs to bubble to the surface. In whatever circumstances you find a hurting person, make it your goal to be an example of God’s unconditional love. Take your agenda and throw it away so that you can be present; listening to hear who they are in the midst of trial. You will be surprised to find just how many people you thought were strong are weak, and how many seemingly weak people are strong. Take it upon yourself to build them up in love, and put courage back into someone today.

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