Day 12 of the 31 Day Community Bootcamp

     Today’s assignment is to review the list that you made on day 4. For those of you who have procrastinated or are just now joining us, here is a brief recap of who should be in this list: 

  • Identify someone in your inner circle: 1-5 People with whom you have no secrets. 
  • Identify someone in your second-tier circle: An additional 10-15 People who you would consider close friends. People in this tier have earned your trust.  
  • Identify someone in your third-tier circle. An additional 50-75 people. I identify people in this tier as those with whom I can pick up where I left off. I could have seen them yesterday or a year ago, but our relationship can just keep moving forward without blame or awkward silences. 

     After doing this exercise, you should have 3 names of people in three different stages of friendship with you. Don’t panic if you don’t feel like someone is in-between circles. Relationships are not an exact science. They are fluid and in constant movement. The goal is to help you define the people who have access to your time. Time is a limited commodity and every friend that you have is bargaining for your time. 

     Today, reflect on your list. Are there any moves that you need to make? Has someone slid from an inner circle to an outer circle, or vice versa? Ultimately, the goal is to fill the vacant spaces in the two most inner circles of your life with people from your church. After applying the exercises from the previous 11 days, are you able to add any names? 

I took the three people in my list from day 4 and wrote their names on a post-it note. I then stuck the note to my bathroom mirror at eye level so that every time I brush my teeth, I am reminded to pray for one of them. It has worked! I found myself more attentive to conversations with these people on Sunday morning, and eager for a time to hang out with them more.

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