Day 3 of the 31 Day Community Bootcamp

     Reviewing your Connection Assessment 24 hours after you have taken it allows you enough time to emotionally process the results of the quiz. It was not easy putting that tool together, and I labored over each question to make sure that they cut to the heart when needed. 

     Make sure you talk to someone about your results. If not, family, a trusted friend. There is something incredibly powerful about speaking truth aloud. Don’t forgo this step as a day off in your bootcamp. Taking the time to verbally process the strengths and weaknesses of your current community engagement could be the most powerful motivator for the long-term commitment to Community Culture that you experience this month. Don’t let it pass you by! 

     Having conversations just like the one prescribed absolutely changed my life. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and honest with your failings in community. I had to make that change as a pastor, and you can do it too. 

     The conversation that made the most impact in my life came with a challenge to weekly have lunch or coffee with someone in my church. Honestly, I felt that it was a foolhardy errand, and didn’t give it much weight. However, once I began my weekly meetings, I found my heart drawn to the people in my church. Now, when I lead them in worship, I am not leading a faceless crowd, but individuals. I know each one by name and care deeply for them. 

     Don’t fear honesty, and don’t undervalue the power of a Christ-honoring community. It will absolutely flood your life with more meaning, purpose, and clarity. Go have a conversation about the Connection Assessment, and build some community today! 

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