Day 2 – 31 Day Community Bootcamp

      “I think that I am really involved in ministry stuff at church, but I don’t think I am actually engaged in community.” That is what one person told me after taking the Connection Assessment. This little quiz is one of a kind. I designed it so that you will not receive a score of one to ten or “F” to “A.” 

     You will know exactly how it’s going as you are taking the test, and it will reveal a number of common pitfalls or blind spots that you have in your community engagement. The purpose is to help you to focus your efforts in the following days to sure up those weak places. If you need the PDF to take the test, it’s free! Just swing over to and find the link to download the test on the home page. 

Also, make sure that you txt to confirm your coffee or lunch assignment from Day 1 on the day that you are planning to meet!

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