Day 1 of the 31 day Community Bootcamp

January is the month for change. It is always my favorite time of year for that reason. I am thrilled to invite you to join me on the 31 Day Community Bootcamp!

I titled this challenge, 31 Day Community Bootcamp because it is far more than a checklist. It is meant to challenge the mental attitudes, that hinder our ability to create and engage in church community. Because of that, some of the steps laid forth in the 31 day Bootcamp are easy to accomplish, and others are more difficult to complete.

Day 1 and day 2 are interesting. Most people would assume that you would need to know your community starting place, so taking a test to figure out where you are starting from is task #1, right? Wrong. The goal is community, and community means people. That is why day 1’s assignment is to schedule a meal or coffee with one person in a 3-day window.

This is the one-foot wall that everyone must scale in order to start to experience Community Culture in their life. At some point, you will need to pick up a phone, contact a friend, and put something on the calendar.

If you want to download the PDF and follow along, just head to and pick up your free 31 day Bootcamp and follow along. I will email you every day and post videos so that we can track our progress together!


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